Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sizzling corner on the 4th: Columbia Cafe's Creswell at King's Highway; grilled goombahs and cold Abita from 4 pm

Columbia Cafe proprietor Matthew Linn proclaims, "For our 4th of July cookout Chef Justin will be on the king-sized grill cooking stuffed, smoked oysters, duck kebabs, horseradish-stuffed beef tenderloin and - maybe a pig (no leopard; sorry). I'll be freezing Russian daiquiris and pouring Louisiana beer: Abita Restoration. The proceeds from the Abita are supposed to go to Katrina relief. My war-commemorating bonus is that we will cook what you bring, free."

Additionally, the excitable boy says, "There will be live music and dead art. That's Tu, July 4, from 4p.m. till we collapse." Somehow Linn wanted to include "shorts and flip flops and BBQ" and, I think, his 425-3862. Done.

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