Thursday, June 22, 2006

Costner returns to downtown Shreveport in leather during Funky Friday, June 23, 7 pm, 710 Texas St

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Generous celeb Kevin Costner will give yet another Shreveport performance, says Pam Atchison. In this one he will help open the downtown celebration called Funky Fridays.

The actor-rocker will appear in green leather garb on a giant outdoor screen set up in the 700 block of Texas St. As the character Robinhood, Prince of Thieves, he will strut for the audience, ride hard and shoot unerringly before disappearing in the direction of Greenwood.

"This is somewhat of a PR coup, I must admit," said Karl Hasten, editor of Forum Newsweekly.

Funky Friday has a fantabulous, overlapping Artspace muchness:

5 pm: wine and finger food by Bella Fresca.

5:30 in Coolspace inside Artpsace: reception for art by Jerry Lyles.

7 pm: $5 admission (collected somehow; this could be amusing) to the "Funky Friday Festivities."

* music indoors will be classic vocal & guitar blues by the duo of Caskey & Howell (that's Jimmy Caskey of Jacquelyn's Restaurant, indeed).
* music outdoors will feature Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch - they're terrific at relaxed, Eagles-minded rock.
* crowd functivities orchestrated by funster Eric Gipson.
* trolley tours.
* hands-on activities of the legal, rather than funky, sort.
* art vendors plying their art.
* food vendors feeding the masses.

9 pm: Robinhood, Prince of Thieves; Mr. Costner, in suede vests with marvelous blouses, projected on a giant outdoor screen with super sound system. Chairs? Use the ones provided or tote your own.

MoInfo: SRAC's Bonne' Summers at 673-6500.

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