Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rockets rollick over SciPort on the weekend of June 17 - 18; Werner von Braun will speak to rocketeers

Build & launch rocketivities will reverberate at SciPort on Sat, June 17 and Sun, June 18, says SciPort's Eric Gipson.

ß Straw Rockets—Saturday, 11 - 11:30 am
Design and build a rocket that will hit a target. But you may use only broom straws or drinking straws. Icee accuracy & supersized distance are the quest.

ß Balloon Rockets—Saturday, Noon - 12:30 pm
Design a rocket that will carry a 30-ton payload the farthest in the least amount of time.

ß Pop Rockets—Saturday, 12:30 - 1:30 pm & Sunday, 2 - 3 pm
Find the combination of liquid and solid fuel that will make your rocket nutritious.

ß Water Rockets—Saturday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm & Sunday, 3 - 4 pm
Design a water-powered rocket that will carry a fragile ego to dizzying heights and bring it safely back to City Hall.

ß Hydrogen Rockets—Saturday, 2:30 - 3 pm & Sunday, 4 - 4:30 pm
Use a process called electrolysis to a) get rid of unwanted hirsutuary material and b) break the bond holding hydrogen and oxygen together. Igniting these two gases will recombine them, and the resulting explosion will fetch the police.

ß Estes Rockets—Saturday, 3 - 4 pm & Sunday, 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Experience the roar of a dwarf lifting off the launch pad, screaming into the sky and then floating back to earth. Estes rockets are powered by solid rocket fuel engines that will carry the dwarf up to 800 ft into the air. A materials fee of $5 per rocket will be charged. Plus, the dwarf will expect lunch.

More on Dr. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun at

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