Friday, June 16, 2006

Melody Moore Fri and Lip Service Sat at Java Junction, all ages, 8 pm, 101 Kings Hwy

Melody Moore is a frenetic, capable and gutsy singer. Her song about Louisiana and coming back to the Bayou State and why the people on the bayou rock, is superb. Partly so because she knows how to bang that box guitar and stamp her feet and throw her petite self into the performance.

Sample her voice at but I think she's better in situ. That's Friday, June 16, 8-10 p.m. Cristal says it's a free show but I would definitely pay this persuasive piper.

On Sat, June 17, JJ presents the soothing harmonies and fascinating personalities of Cookie Garner, Sandra Odom and Barbara Jarrell, aka Lip Service. Their show is 8-11 p.m.
and the cover is $5.

Cristal Wilcox, enthused about the program, says "These shows have proven to be and will be perfect family affairs. So don't worry about dinner this weekend, bring everyone to Java Junction." This week, btw, I had the Greek chicken sandwich (feta cheese) with homemade pasta and all was delicious.


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Anonymous said...

Sandra Odom wrote Fri night: " the Lips are playing the Junction least a couple of Lips. Cookie was already booked so Barbara and I are doing a duo. Actually, we thought it might give us a chance to do some things we don't always get to do......more originals, for one.

So, please, come spend the evening with us. We play Saturday night, 8 - 11. Java Junction is a sweet, sweet place to hang out for a few hours."