Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mixing video at,, edit your video bits online, as well as store & publish them

Self shot
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Mixing may replace the term Editing in some photographers' vocabulary, implies the NY Times in an article entitled Camera.Action. Edit. Now, Await Reviews.

New sites -,, - allow one to store video and to edit it. Beyond that, these sites encourage video mixing of footage borrowed from various people.

Online video editing may be a good fit with consumers like us who are shooting and storing a jillion small segments of footage. Often we don't want to edit in one place and separately FTP the result to a site.

If you're like us, you're shooting more video on your still camera and increasingly forgetting about the videocam. Jett, my 10 year-old, likes to set up a camera on a counter and capture his stunts. Talbot, my wife, is shooting bits of soccer games, swimming and snippets of conversation on her Sony still camera.

Thus two things are happening: hard drive space is being eaten by these videobites and there's a mental disconnect between those
scenes and the video editing software, in this case, iMovie.

On this fun level of informal video, the online sites may make you shine by offering a complete-it-all-easily package.

Video-minded skaters and gymnasts may find the online services tout le tout. Soccer moms may take to this service willy-nilly.

1) Moving your video to one of these free sites will save enormous space in your computer memory.
2) It may help you complete a video package as opposed to letting it languish.
3) Creative types may enjoy mixing their video with other people's footage and coming up with something startling.

Hope you explore these sites and tell me your reaction. And send me a link to your newly-mixed video footage, please.


Anonymous said...

I am going to try using Jumpcut, a nice rainy day project. I will send you my first finished product.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Please see my daughter Annabel's nifty first video at
check out

Gawd, I did not realize you had all that footage. Well assembled!