Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SciPort's Imax movies, Dolphins and T-Rex / Back to the Cretaceous, are cooling and energizing, daily

Dolphins are "blue and pointed, graceful and active" noted my 10 year-old. The 70 mm movie Dolphins, playing daily at SciPort's Imax Theater, is also blue and graceful. Its persuasive point is that we might not want to contiunue destroying the dolphonment. This flic, only 50 mins short, might also make you want to find an abode in the vicinity of the Bahamas.

T-Rex, Back to the Cretaceous, is the newest maxflic on the riverfront. There's a charming story line featuring a frustrated girl whose eternally busy dad is a paleontologist. At the museum where she must wait for him she has an Alice Through the Looking Glass adventure. T-Rex, too, wraps in less than an hour. So we had no problem this week taking in back-to-back shows.

Thoroughly recommended.
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