Monday, May 29, 2006

Wacked, eclectic indie entertainment at Moviesauce Film Fest June 2, 3 & 4 at LSUS University Center

Judging the animation side of Moviesauce Film Fest was like fingering a rusty spoon. One of the entries was David Firth's Salad Fingers, episode 6. For a fan of Edward Gorey, the Salad Fingers' humor and darkness - "Hello, um, Hubert (pause) Cumberdale." - is welcome contrast to the jubilant consumer society around us. Also to be evaluated was Fly Away, a cheery romp through Toyville, and Home Delivery, a very dark tale about a fisherman's wife.

Moviesauce Film Fest is a worthy development for North Louisiana. The teenage producers of moviesauce are Evan Falbaum and Hunter Carter. Grads of Caddo Magnet HS, they are in college today but are expanding the producer work they began in high school.

I asked Falbaum for a listing of the Moviesauce offerings by parent-minded ratings. He said:

"Shorts Program 2 is the only completely Child Safe (PG) program.
The others depend on the kid, and the parents (i.e. pg-13 to R).

Actually here's a list of the rating I think they'd get. The problem is that in a lot of cases like program 1 we have a PG movie with an R movie...we tried to mix it up like that.

Feature 1 would be R
Feature 2 would be PG-13
Shorts 1 would be PG-13 (maybe barely R)
Feature 3 would be PG-13
Shorts 2 would be PG
Feature 4 would be PG-13
Feature 5 would be PG-13 (maybe R)
Shorts 3 would be a light PG-13 (but the Awakening would be boring to kids)
Feature 6 would be R
Feature 7 would be PG-13 (maybe R)"

Tickets ($6) are available online (Fr, June 2 through Sun, June 4), as is the schedule and other pertinent info: Moviesauce lineup.

See more about animator David Firth and Salad Fingers at

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