Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mudbug Madness weekend brings Zydeco, Cajun and R & B bands to North Louisiana; "Allons danser!"

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Once upon a time people across the entire globe ate crawfish. Russians, Persians, Swedes, Chinese; the mudbug is common to almost all the world's streams and lakes, says Glen Pitre in The Crawfish Book.

But in many nations only the little ones remain today. So the nations who adore ecrevisse, like the French, often find themselves importing this basic little protein source. Often the biggest and best Louisiana crawfish are packed and shipped to Europe, says Pitre.

But the bountiful Atchafalaya basin means that so far we don't have to worry about our supply. Or do we?

The Mudbug fest indirectly pushes us to address our wetlands problem. Is the salt water incursion into America's last great riverine swamp a serious concern? Are public officials addressing the problem adequately? Of course not, according to National Geographic and many scientists and authors. So what do we do?

a) Email politicos to impress them with our concerns.
b) Explore, alongside your children and companions, the proposed solutions.

I'm afraid Louisiana's attitude of laisser les bon temps rouler implies that we will dance on the levees until they crumble. But a few of us should be able to dance and think at the same time.

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