Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Day in the life of SptBlog: most visitors are from out of state and conducting research on you

Today I routinely do a Google search on almost everyone about whom I write. And across the world people are Googling *you,* dear reader. According to my free analysis tool, StatCounter, I know not only how many people visit SptBlog each day, I know what they're looking for.

Today they were researching Heather Peak Hooper, Alan Dyson, Britt Pitre, Leia Lewis, Red River Children's Choir, Robert Trudeau and, of course, Kevin Costner and the Mr Brooks production as well as James Burton. Visitors from both Atlanta and Fayetteville wanted to know more about Artspace.

Belly dance and Shreveport Music were inquired about. Dance Alive, Louisiana architecture, Mia's Pub, Lip Service, Arodasi Dance and Focus Communications were also of interest.

The inquiries came from Edmonton, Canada, from Kazan University, the Russian Federation, from Reston, Long Beach, Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Rochester, among many locations. Less than half of SptBlog's visitors on a typical day are from Shreveport.

One of the things I like about SptBlog is that I am giving arts-related Shreveporters an enriched place in cyberspace. The names Artspace and, say, Leia Lewis, have been given detail and texture by this site.

SptBlog is the eye shadow on Shreveport's face. It's an anchor for those who miss the town and a foothold for those moving here. For me, however, it's more than a utility. I see SptBlog as an artistic construction. It is a new form of documentary. A locus for artful photography and upscale prose. While it seems to cover a range of topics, it remains a personal statement; it reflects an artist's point of view.

So I must say Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Immense thanks to you for giving us this insight into Shreveport's creative world in such an accessible format and elegant manner.