Friday, May 12, 2006

Dirtfoot at Lil Joes Fr, May 12, in Ruston at Rabb's on May 13

Hazelton & Bratlie of Dirtfoot
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If you've seen the folksy but rockin' sextet Dirtfoot you'll enjoy the wonderment expressed in this excerpt from an article by Jess Peregoy for the La Tech's online Tech Talk.

“I’ve heard of Dirtfoot before, but I never expected the show to be like this,” Jennie Concelli, a junior merchandising and consumer affairs major, said.
“It was so much fun.” People stood dumfounded at first by the six piece’s original sound. It featured everything from pots and pans, a saxophone and an upright bass. However, soon the crowd would be dancing along.

It seemed as if the audience became an instrument in and of themselves for Dirtfoot, as many people in the crowd shook the shakers. No matter how a person seemed to walk into the tavern, the energy of Dirtfoot absorbed them.

Soon many people began ordering drinks. Grabbing a shaker was next on the list. The smoky bar was filled by the band’s second set. By this time, people began to sing along and make the way up front to get in on the action."

Catch the bangalongs at Lil Joes Fr, May 12, and Sat at Rabb's of Ruston (, where, early, you might observe the dumbfounded of Ruston.

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