Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shreveport Summer Music Fest: string and bow meet Sun, June 4, Holy Cross Episcopal, 3 pm

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Leonard Kacenjar has kept alive his musical commitment of 30 years again this summer. Kacenjar is the creator and producer of the Shreveport Summer Music Fest. The fest brings top Midwestern musicians to Shreveport so they can understand the musical experience within the context of Deep South heat and humidity.

Sidney Harth, Yale violin prof and global performer, returns to lead the fest. Fresh musicians arrive. A melodic feast is offered at several locations round the city. Urbanity ensues despite the critical mass of yahoos trotting blithely hither and thither. All hail Kacenjar. And hail Harth, for taking the job.

Summer Music Fest opening concert
Sun, June 4, 3 pm
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 875 Cotton St.

Don't you love/hate that violin shot above, which is evidently from a Brooklyn wedding?

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