Saturday, May 06, 2006

Late show at Mia's Pub, Sat, May 6: The Big Positive and Ghost Town Flood, 10 pm
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Instead of the highly-wrought but charmingly raw recordings uploaded by the Big Positive to their site, you might consume their mass market radio interview prior to checking them live Sat. Who knew that Tom Pace, aka Mister ArkLaTex Radio, 1340 on your dial, would work out so well with John Martin, Michael Stephens, Carter Sutton and Chad Leger?

Another myspacer is Ghost Town Flood's bassist, Brett Roman Stampley. I'd suggest the GTF site and a listen to the tune Zombie Party, followed by a visit to the acerbic personal site.

Choices; that's what it's all about today. You want to cocoon and consume them digitally? Or do you want fresh milk across your upper lip? Your call, fellow insects.

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