Friday, May 26, 2006

Gonzo Art Collective melds supper, wine, paintings, video, music and dance Sat, May 27, at Mia's Pub, 6 pm - 2 am

People who don't consider gallery receptions appealing are Dirk Miller's target. He wants to offer them an art experience in a pub. Miller is gonzo about connecting a wide audience with artistically prepared food & wine, music, paintings and videos.

So he will offer a 3-ring circus of sensory material Sat night at Mia's Pub, on Market St near the corner of Stoner and Centenary, 6 pm to 2 am. The tariff is $10 and gets you food, music - a never-ending platter of sounds - paintings and videos.

Guaranteed goodies:
* Jr III: Weldon Stutes, Curtis Joseph and Stanton Dossett. Trippy blues with expert foot and stick by Joseph. About 9 pm.
* Elsah: roots rock from a touring indie band.
* The String Quartet, based around a group of Centenary students.
* A Couple of White Chicks Seeking Nirvana thru Urban tribal Beledi, my satirical documentary of graceful dancers Rebecca Nesbitt and kathy Fontaine.
* Port Belly Project: Fontaine has a new belly dance partner: Jamie Goodrich.
* Photography above by student BJ Wheless. He's just come back from Paris with ideas galore.

Info from Dirk Gonzo Miller: 288-0932 or

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