Monday, May 29, 2006

Tipitina's Music Co-op sponsors musicians' forum Mon, June 26, 7 pm, Caliente Restaurant

An evening of networking with musicians and music-related entities (Barney?) has been by ta-da'ed by Tipitina's Music Co-op.

Monday, June 26 at 7:00 p.m.
at Caliente Restaurant, 601 Texas Street
(drinks and chips provided free of charge; dinner may be purchased prior to start of meeting, so please go lightly on the chips)

Tipitina's mission is to assist musicians in erecting their careers one brick at a time (hums Another Brick in the Wall). Tip's is a sort of center for musical masonry.

The laudable goal - which sounds like it was borrowed from Texas, circa 1991 - is "to make Louisiana - the Music Industry Capital of the South."

Dan Garner, Tipitina's Music Co-op: 934-0000
or Julia Foley at (318) 402-2398/email:

The main thing about Tip's is that networking is a day-to-day thing at the Tex St office. No matter what your age, your level in the industry, your type of music, I can vouch for the camaraderie to be found there.

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