Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Live for Today: A musical & spoken word concert for Scott Griffin Sun, May 21, Fairfield Studios; performances at 2 pm, 5 and 8 pm

The Concert for Scott Griffin lineup has been announced by Alan Dyson and Dana McCommon:
"This event will be divided into three 2.5 hour sessions. Sessions commence at 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00. Approximately 100-120 tickets and reservations are available for each session.

Please note: Seating is limited for this live studio concert recording, so please have your fans visit the following to make reservations:

RSVP @ 318-459-2626"

The musical sets run 16 minutes and poets take the stage (there are 2 stages) for 6 minutes. All performances will be recorded in video and audio.

Session 1

2:00-2:05 welcome by MC / announcements
2:05-2:21 The Symphonic Jazz Summit
(Matt Harris, Chris Allen, Daniel Breithaupt)
2:21-2:37 Dave Famous
2:37-2:53 Kathryn Hobgood
2:53-3:09 Melody Moore
3:15-3:31 Chris Craig
3:31-3:47 Lip Service
3:47-4:03 Chris Alexander
4:03-4:09 Carlos Colon
4:09-4:25 Jr. III
4:25-4:35 Scott Griffin
4:35 close by MC

Session 2

5:00-5:05 welcome by MC / announcements
5:05-5:21 The Johnson Brothers
5:21-5:37 Don Friday
5:37-5:53 Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch
5:53-6:09 Buddy Flett
6:09-6:25 Dan Sanchez Band
6:25-6:31 Joanna Ballard
6:31-6:47 Amelia Blake
6:47-7:03 Tim Marshal, Joe Osborn, Darren Osborn
& Denise Spohn
7:03-7:19 Michael Susano, Joe Osborn, Darren Osborn
7:19-7:35 Scott Griffin & Michael Susano
7:35 close by MC

Session 3

Welcome by MC / announcements
8:05-8:27 Alan Dyson & David Lewis
8:27-8:43 Pat McCoy
8:43-8:49 Shirley Campbell
8:49-9:05 Michael Westbrook
9:05-9:21 Dirtfoot
9:21-9:27 Noma Fowler-Sandlin
9:27-9:48 Michael Barker
9:48-10:04 Planet
10:04-10:25Planet Unity Orchestra: Dirty Redd,
Gordon Nurse, Pat McCoy, Greg Williams, Alan Dyson, Michael Barker, Blue Martin, Lane Bayliss &
George Nelson
10:25-10:45Scott Griffin with Planet Unity Orchestra
10:45-11:00Jam session
11:00 Closing by MC

Tickets are $15.00 and only 100 tickets are available per session. Light food and beverage included.


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