Tuesday, May 02, 2006

RedNek: the art of Dennis O'Bryant at the Marshall Visual Art Center; reception Th, May 18, 5 pm

REDNEK e-vite
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Dennis O Bryant gave SptBlog this background on his show at the Marshall, Tx, Visual Art Center: "I called my friend Brooks Little, Director of the Marshall Visual Art Center, because she had been under the weather and I wanted to see how she was feeling. In a weak voice, she said 'I had been meaning to call you. The artist that is up for the next show at MVAC is sick, too, and is going to cancel.' She said, 'I need a show up for several reasons - special visitors from Poland will be touring the facility and the Master Artist work shop will going on for two weeks - I need art in the gallery - and there is only a few days to pull it all together.'"

"She knew I had inventory. If you remember, that was the best advice Clyde Connell ever gave me. In one week I pulled together the work, inventory list & labels. But there was one thing that neither of us had funds for: invitations. I said let's use the power of the internet (and friends) - we can send more out and follow up throughout the show."

The reception is Th, May 18, 5 to 7 pm.

More at www.denoart.com & http://denoart.blogspot.com/

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