Saturday, May 20, 2006

Champagne & comestibles on the lawn: Shreveport Symphony Pops concert at Riverview Park Sat, May 20, 7 pm, under an evening sky upon the serene Red

The Picnic Pops concert by the SSO has been hugely popular in recent years. But it has been performed inside the Expo Hall. This year they play under the stars. They will be below the terraced area betweeen the river and the water jets. Ooh la la.

With these factors in mind, we must beg of you . . .
* Arrive as early as possible. Nor can we.
* Bring chairs or cushions. No whoopee cushions, please.
* Bring an epee so you can duel with the agile mosquitos.
* Fried chicken livers or fattened French goose livers? You'll know which.

Parking: relax; the El Dorado parking garage is capacious and free. Then there are slots around SciPort. Bon chance, mes amis!

* 7 pm
* Free.

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