Monday, May 14, 2007

Water media jazz from Jerry Wray, Terry Hershey & Jean Sartor at the Hoover Watercolor Society show; reception Th, May 24, 6 pm

Jerry Wray
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Party with the Friends of Barnwell and members of the Hoover Watercolor Society, Inc., on Thurs, May 24 from 6 until 7:30 pm at the Barnwell Garden and Art Center, says Freda Powell.

The water media show opens Sat, May 19, and runs through Sunday, June 24.

Terry Hershey, Jerry Wray and Jean Sartor will be feted. The trio's works hung in the first exhibition in Dec, 1958. Early works by the late Louis Sicard and founders Dr. H. B. Wright and Sidney Hoover will also be shown.

Originally the Shreveport Watercolor Society, the club was renamed for president Sidney Hoover following his death in 1959.

Valet parking, music and refreshments will grace the reception.
- Janet Barlow (318) 861-0765
- Freda Powell (318)673-7703

Here's a link to painter-sculptor Jerry Wray's web site, which is undergoing an update.

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