Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pop band The Terms scattered in aftermath of car wreck; Clyde Hargrove and Ben Labat back to musical projects, Brandon Young improving

The Terms in Shreveport
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Almost a year ago a car wreck in Monroe, La, shattered pop band The Terms and put bassist Brandon Young into a long-term battle for survival. Young is recovering from traumatic brain injury, according to an account published by the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

Scott Lasseigne has been able to return to work, said Bruce Allen, as has Blake Oliver. Singer Ben Labat is filling out The Terms recording contract with Maple Jam, said Allen, and is recording in NYC. Labat's benlabat features a number of promising songs.

The wreck sent Clyde Hargrove III into the hospital for 2 weeks. He spent several weeks recuperating at home, said Allen. Today Hargrove, once The Terms lead guitarist, is recording a solo album. His music is at

Hargrove will be the featured accompanist this summer at the Arodasi Wave series of dance performances. Playing acoustic piano, Hargrove will appear with Arodasi Dance the last Sat of each month, says Dorothinia.

Arodasi Wave performances: June 30, July 28 and August 25. See or 834-0948 or 518-3262.

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