Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dress rehearsal images of River City Repertory's Glass Menagerie by Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson, photographer and arts advocate, writes, "To all who use live theater for entertainment and personal growth, be aware that the River City Rep Theater production of The Glass Menagerie is one top of the line piece of work. Start with a incredible masterpiece of words on paper by Tennessee Williams and watch four actors bring his script both tenderly and passionately to life this week and next on the second floor stage of the Scottish Rite Temple. If you have never been in that scrumptious theater, you are in for a treat!

I was honored to attend - and photograph - the dress rehearsal and am encouraging everyone as strongly as I possibly can to attend this beautiful and powerful production.

I mean, where else are you able to see a Best Actress Tony Award winner on stage in a Local production? And Donna McKechnie's touching performance as Amanda Wingfield is only one facet of this play. Ellen Lindsay, Logan Sledge and Youree McBride each prove themselves more than worthy to share the stage with the veteran actress. It truly is an ensemble production. And it truly is worth your time!

And keep your eyes out for movie stars in the audience. Two biggies have tickets already."

Tickets: 424-6805

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