Thursday, May 17, 2007

National Bike to Work Day Fri, May 18: the art of self-propulsion and of avoiding streets full of autos

Staff and parents at Montessori School for Shreveport as well as staff and maybe more people at Caddo Magnet High School are planning to enjoy National Bike to Work Day, Fri, May 18.

Who knows whether staff from Byrd High or other schools will decide to pedal? We plan to leave from the Starbuck's on Line Ave about 7:10 am. Traffic will be light and we'll chart a winding course on streets east of Line Ave. You may join us for this fun ride, regardless of destination.


Unknown said...

I could bike to work. But don't have a bike and sweaty is my big issue... I aspire to a job one day where cotton clothes rule and sweaty is cool and biking, walking or riding the bus would work...

Anonymous said...

Robert, We had a warm up ride today with 7-8 bikes! When we got to school, the group said let's do this once a month, no twice a month. "How about tomorrow?" So we will go AGAIN! It all started with your idea that came to me via Kathy. Thank you Robert!! I hope you have great ride tomorrow!

John Fontaine