Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Faces of Katrina exhibit, biggest ever by Shreveport Regional Arts Council at Artspace, online at facesofkatrina.org

Lorenzo Elston, Katrina evacuee
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Faces of Katrina was the most powerful of all the exhibits presented at Artspace, 710 Texas, says Shreveport Regional Arts Council head Pam Atchison. Today the principal elements of the Faces of Katrina are online at Facesofkatrina.org.

Facesofkatrina.org site creator Steven K Turner explains, “ The site is a complete recreation of the exhibit, with only a few pictures missing (legal reasons) and a different format. There are over 100 pages of photos and stories. I couldn't recreate the effect of the original exhibit, which I felt was like being trapped in a labyrinth which overwhelms you with feeling, so instead I focused on each individual in the exhibit, their faces, their stories. You can look them each in eye now, one by one, as you go through the site, and read what they had to say.”

Turner attends Centenary College of Louisiana, where he is majoring in Communications-New Media and minoring in Computer Science. His work website is rudeproductions.com.

For the most recent perspective on Katrina, President Bush and all of America, see an article by John M Barry, author of Rising Tide, called Pittsburgh cabbie has a stake in saving La.'s coast.

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