Monday, May 21, 2007

Chris Brown interviews Reverend Eddie Giles, R & B singer-guitarist, on KSCL, 91.3, Tues, May 22, 8 pm

Eddie Giles / the jive five
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Says music historian Chris Brown, "On Tuesday, May 22nd, KSCL's Art of the Insane presents a special guest appearance by Eddie Giles. Giles is best remembered for his soul ballad hit, "Losin' Boy," issued on Shreveport's very own Murco Records in 1967. You can expect an overview of Eddie's 50+ years as a musician whose output includes gospel, rhythm and blues, soul, and funk. Please tune in to Art of the Insane on KSCL 91.3 FM, Tues, May 22, from 8 - 9 pm."

Eddie Giles performed on the stage of the Municipal Auditorium last year in a heritage show. He sang well, fluently played a time-worn Fender Jaguar (see above) and wore a jaunty white suit. There was no doubt about the entertainment energy possessed by the Rev Giles.


Robert E Trudeau said...

Check the Chris Brown blog at There I found out he likes the Wax Museusm; they are playing a Cooper Manor show after Chris airs Art of the Insane.

Robert E Trudeau said...

More kscl news: Chris jay and Sara Hebert are doing a summer show, Super-Toys, on Mons, 8 to 10 pm. Chris promises Indy rock, dance music, hip-hop and whoknowswhatelse.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Listened to the entire Eddie Giles interview and I've got to say that Eddie is a gentleman and a screamer. What a voice. I've heard of Mr. Giles for ages but there was never an occasion to listen to his sweet
recordings. Chris Brown is doing exactly the right thing for Shreveport's heritage. Who's next, Chris?

Chris said...

R, glad you enjoyed it. I did too. Don't know who's next, but I have a couple in mind. I'll keep you posted. -CB