Friday, March 18, 2005

Welcome to Shrevetown and Artspace, Blue Skivvies and fans of Robots

Robots producer-designer Bill Joyce is bringing illustrators from the Blue Sky Studios team to Artspace for the opening of the The Art of Robots exhibit, says SRaC's Pam Atchison. The Artspace grand jeter is Friday, March 18, at 7. Tickets are $50 for all the food, entertainment and concepts you can consume.

Saturday, March 19, Artspace's Rivet Town and Robot City - veritable Russias of recycled goods fashioned into a world that mimics our own - are open 10 am to 9 pm ($5). Sunday enjoy the whirring cog wheels of the Robots exhibit from 1 pm to 6.

SRAC has heard the complaints of the impecunious artists & downtowners and provided something free to enjoy: in the Artspace window will be a Robotnik Family going about their daily life-in-storefront-window ablutions.

Hip-hop Robotoids? B-reakdancers will be onsite, says SRAC.

Coffeespace will be open, too, and the reconstituted Giftspace is stocked and upfront.

More info: 673-6535.

The entire mechanoid gulag can be ogled and toggled free during the week: Mon - Wed: 8 am to 2 pm. Th and Fri 8 am to 9 pm.

1 comment:

Noma said...

Ah, but those without fivers merely must wait until Monday through Friday when it's FREE FREE FREE like the rainbow, FREE like the birds, FREE like sex in the 60s. Enjoy, little impoverished imps!

Coffee'll cost you though.