Sunday, March 13, 2005

Movement therapy guru Sondra Fraleigh to lead Dancing Down the Bones workshop this week at Arodasi Dance Center

Sondra Fraleigh, of the EastWest Somatics Institute for Dance and Somatic Movement, Brockport, NY, is guest of dancer-choreographer movement therapist Kristi Dorothinia Hanna this week at the Arodasi Dance Center, 327 Market St.

Fraleigh, author of books on dance and movement therapy, will present daily workshops called "Dancing down the Bones, excavating body memories and possible selves."

Both Hanna and Fraleigh are certified in Feldenkrais therapy and are choreographers and dancers. The illustration above portrays a Fraleigh dance called "meditations."

For more info see Fraleigh's website or call Peggy LaCour, program corrdinator, at 518-6282.

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