Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Arodasi Dance choreographer-dancer: Kristi Dorothinia Hanna

Kristi Dorothinia Hanna is a protean artist: painter, dancer, choreographer, designer, provocateur. Among her obsessions is the Visual Sound and Movement Company, which she founded during a dream state in the 1980's. Today the name for her dance troupe has migrated; they are the Arodasi Dancers. And they will present a dance program outdoors on the riverfront Sunday at 2 pm.
This program is a collaboration with Helen Wood, producer of a new Paul Christopher and Ruth Drummond recording of the Offenbach Cello Duets. The dance movements have been choreographed to the lovely album recorded by the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra cellists.

The Arodasi Dancers includes Monica Fayad, Jenny Potter, Dorothy Allen, Maureen Murov, Liliana Lara and Skye Creswell.

The concert, part of the YWCA Celebration of Women's Week, will bloom on an outdoor stage by the rose garden adjacent to the Barnwell Garden & Art Center from 2:00 to 3:00.

More info: 318-518-6282.

Listening to the Christopher and Drummond recording of the Offenbach cello duets, I am struck by the intelligent production. First, it is appealing music, secondly, it is well performed and third, it is a smart package. Recorded locally by Roger Barnes, musician and technology maven, it is a model for musicians of the region. I bought my copy at Tower Books (865-7161), an oasis of literacy at 721 Azalea - near Steinmart on Line Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting Dorthinia and Arodasi. Usually I perform with A Visual Sound and Movement Company but this time I was in the audience, admittedly somewhat biased, but an audience member nevertheless. What a beautiful afternoon, in the wind, the Red River on one side and the sounds of fountains on the other. Cellos mello in my ears, graceful movements in my eyes. A special added sight, baby girl and mother dancing together on Arodasi's black dance floor. As I smile, smiles are all around. Women's week, month, year, life....... Antoinette de la Cour

Robert E Trudeau said...

laCour, you are a terrific writer and evocative dancer. Thanks for feedback on the performance scene.