Thursday, March 17, 2005

Benjamin Kamin riffs Dead Elvis with the SSO at the Civic Theater Saturday at 7:30

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Dead Elvis is a popular 1993 chamber work by Michael Daugherty. Bassoonist Benjamin Kamins - Houston Symphony, Rice University, chamber ensembles across the globe - will don the robes of Elvis impersonator for this bit of serious fun with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Saturday at the Civic Theater.

The SSO also welcomes conductor candidate Arthur Post to the podium (please see more below). Additionally, the drawing for deluxe prizes in the 16th Annual Luxury Raffle will take place. The raffle is a major fundraiser for the SSO. If you'd like to be a symphony patron and jump upon the excellent odds offered by this Mercedes raffle, please see the SSO raffle site or call me at 861-6809.

And don't forget valet parking at the AmSouth tower as a parking alternative for Saturday night downtown.

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