Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tango to Gongo: chamber orchestra percussion from the SSO

Argentina, Brazil, Japan and China are among the locations to be evoked musically when the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra's chamber concert thunders and paradiddles on Thursday. The group will employ some 20 percussion instruments in the show.

Shreveport Symphony percussionist Chan Teague will direct the performance, called World Rhythms, at Hurley Music Building, Centenary College, Thursday, March 3 (7:30 pm).

This show will be particularly rich for those who love drums, gongs, chimes and blocks and the multifarious sounds produced thereupon.

Yet the group will include violin, bass, accordion and flute. Expect vinuous (curling like vines) textures from Teague and fellow musicians. And see more about the concert In Jennifer Flowers' article for the Times and at the SSO page.

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