Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Theremin player C. Wayne McAllister: sounds for the Artspace show The Art of the Robot

C. Wayne McAllister is playing in Shreveport without the support of either of the bands he's in, neither Liquidrone nor The Myrtles, writes Mimsy Borogroves. He will be playing the Theremin (and other electronic toys) at Artspace, 710 Texas Street, as part of the Grand Reopening of Artspace and the opening of The Art of Robots Exhibit. You just can't talk Robots without a good Sci-Fi soundtrack going on. Casey's Theremin will fill the bill nicely.

Although Artspace will now be free on weekdays, this Grand Opening is $5 admission. I'd pay that just to hear Casey play, myself. But you'll also get to see the exhibit, probe the giftshop for the coolest tin windup robot collection ever bought off Ebay, and health department willing, sip a coffee from the finally-opened cafe!

Saturday, McAlister's playing on and off from 5 to 9; Sunday, catch him in the afternoon from 1 to 4. Bring friends. It'd be a shame to have him drive all this way and not be appreciated. Please spread the word.

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