Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Intoxication: new choreography at the Arodasi Dance Center Saturday at 7 pm

Choreographer Kristi Dorothinia Hanna has been working on Intoxication for several months. "It all began in Hawaii," she explained, "when Sondra Fraleigh was talking about Soma and what it means, which is the entire body of an organism - as well as an ancient drink of the Hindu gods - and it has evolved steadily since then ..."

A Visual Sound and Movement Company will present a Dance Concert with Sondra Fraleigh as featured performer, in a collaboration entitled Intoxication.

Saturday, March 19 at 7pm
Sunday, March 20 at 2pm

Arodasi is Maureen Murov, Liliana Lara, Monica Fayad, Jenny Potter, Skye Creswell and Dorothy Allen.
Musical highlights include the Offenbach Cello Duets, as recorded by Paul Christopher and Ruth Drummond, and original music by Leonard Service.

Fraleigh (see post below) is an internationally known dance educator, author, and researcher.  She has studied Butoh extensively as well as written a book on the topic.  This will be a unique opportunity to see Sondra in a Butoh-inspired performance, says Arodasi director Hanna.

Contact Peggy LaCour at 518-6282 or for tickets ($10).  Arodasi is an intimate art space with limited seating; reservations are recommended, says LaCour.

Friday, March 18, 7 pm: Sondra Fraleigh will read poetry and excerpts from her book Dancing Identity: Metaphysics in Motion. Following the reading, workshop students will perform a dance developed this week. $10


Anonymous said...

Why am I thinking of 'Brave New World'?


Robert E Trudeau said...

Because of the term soma and because you are well read and sensitive to nuance.

Thanks for responding, Chuck.