Thursday, March 24, 2005

How to move art in Shreveport: match the Montessori Art Auction modus operandi

Lots of paintings, photos, prints and sculpture went home with new owners on the night of the recent Montessori Art Auction. Some 125 pieces of art from regional artists were purchased at the exposition, says Montessori volunteer Donna Walker.

"The majority of the art purchased was priced $300 and below and was 24 X 30 inches or smaller in size," said Walker, chairperson of the art show.

Some 85 artists participated, said Montessori event organizer Jennifer Moorhead. The night was a boon for artists in another way: "Artists may claim up to 50% of the purchase price and set their own minimum bids at the MSS auction," said Montessori Head of School Angie Day.

Above: new painter Carl Bearden with admirers of his work. More on the March 5 Montessori Art Auction in the blog archives.

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