Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Ghost Town Flood:" new CD from Mars Vegas

Sounds like those made by John Fogerty and Green Day come roaring out of the speakers as I listen to the new CD from Mars Vegas. This rock trio makes dramatic roots rock without corny retro-stylings on their EP "Ghost Town Flood." The "Ghost Town" is basically "about the lovely town of Shreveport," says Brett Roman Stampley, bassist.

Mars Vegas singer/guitarist Josh Coker has the potential to get your attention because he's telling stories. And doing it by both tweaking the rock formula as well as sticking with the basics. "Ghost," BTW, has a Beatlesque progression and melody. The guitar solos don't blaze, the vocal notes occasionally stray, but each song seems to come together with passion and intelligence.

Listen to "Sleep Tight" and "Ghost Town Flood" on to inquire into the curious world of Mars Vegas. Recorded last month at Sandbox Studio, Shreveport, one of the songs on the 6-song album is "Sylvia Plath (s'got nothing on me)."

Mars Vegas joins Dirtfoot and a slew of visual artists in opening Sizer Yerger's new tattoo parlor, The Body Electric Tattoo Studio / Art Gallery, Saturday night.

The Body Electric is at 984 Jordan. More info: 681-0990.

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