Monday, April 21, 2008

Studying the near future: A Better Shreveport bicycle group joins tour of Community Gardens

Among the Community Gardens being toured by a small group of gardeners and community-building supporters on Sunday were -

1 Allendale (Allen at Buena Vista)
2 Highland (Herndon at Stephens)
3 Centenary (Oak at Rutherford)
4 Cedar Grove (73rd at Line)
5 CCCP 38 (Woodrow at Bernstein)
6 Sankofa (Tulane at McWillie)

The discussions were about how to win the good will of a neighborhood and whether to fence or not.

The bicyclists, being led by Maurice Loridans - an advocate for bicycle commuting - were surprised at their ability to make each section of the ride into a pleasant experience.

In the works is a map of the gardens and a recommended walking or bicycling tour.

The tour - the non-bikers rode a small bus - was an exploration and not advertised to the public.

More info at A Better Shreveport Blog and Shane Bevel's blog. Photos at Shreveport Faces.

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