Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Composting demo Sat, May 3, 9 am to 11, Centenary Square, led by gardener Jon Soul

Jon Soul, Shreveport
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"So, I point to the pile of pine needles going the length of the fence
in my dear, sweet neighbor's yard," said Loren Demerath. "And I said to Jon Soul, 'Well, I figure it gives a habitat to whatever rodents that'd otherwise be up in my attic. And to the snakes that eat 'em, I suppose.'"

"Then I said," said Demerath," 'But, nonetheless, I dunno, you know? I want to say something to him.'"

"Actually," Soul said, "he's doing a good thing there. That'll stop
the runoff of water down the hill and will eventually become good top
soil. He'll be able to plant stuff right in that."


"So, for those, like me, eager to know more, just thought I'd remind
everyone that Jon Soul will be demonstrating the wonders of compost on Saturday, from 9 to 11, next to Centenary Square (sorta' behind the
Kung Fu place across from George's). Should be enriching!"

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trudeau said...

Find out how at this FREE backyard-composting workshop to be held on the Centenary College campus. We will start a new pile, dispel old myths, and discuss the most common designs for compost bins.

Saturday May 3, 9-11AM
Centenary Community Growing Station

Brought to you by Shreveport Green

Limited space; please RSVP at 219.1888 (ask for Millie)
Handouts & refreshments provided