Thursday, April 03, 2008

Report from Art & Yoga with Pam Viviano, Shreveport, at Lotus Studio, 444 Olive St

Making art after yoga is something that instructor Pam Viviano feels passionate about.

Of a recent class, held at Lotus Center, 444 Olive St, she reported, " I have to say that everyone present at the class (six total) drew something different: one person did geometric designs using rulers and protractors I provided, others drew flowers in a vase or flowers in a Matisse-like scene, inspired by a vase of flowers someone brought, a 13 year old girl did three mermaids singing like The Supremes, and a 17 year old girl did a quartered design with symbols and political statements. Everyone was inspired from within and their work re reflected their unique personalities. I gave them some guidance on how to get started, explaining the suggested meanings of the colors and instructing them to pick the ones they felt attracted to and lines and shapes to start with, but once they got going, they were off."

"I gave out surveys post-class and everyone was enthusiastic about the class. Speaking to one student today, she told me the class had inspired her to start painting again. I hope to attract as many people as possible to the class and to develop it into a workshop that includes information on symbolism and meaning. This class is fun, creative, and healing, which is what I want people to walk away with."

Yoga and Art Class
Sat, April 5, 1-3 pm, $15.00
Lotus Studio, 444 Olive Street, Shreveport
Pamela Viviano, Artist, Viniyoga teacher
Experience a yoga class and the creativity that can emerge from it through free-form drawing with oil pastels. No prior experience of yoga or art necessary. Safe and appropriate for all ages. Yoga props and art materials provided.

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