Sunday, April 13, 2008

Insightful blogging from Shreveport's Highland neighborhood: Kathryn Usher's Red River Blog Jam

Kathryn Usher, Shreveport
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Blackberries, art, bungalows, meetings, ironies: Kathryn Usher writes about the Highland neighborhood with a shrewd and ever-wandering eye.

She also takes the whole city under her purview in her Red River Blog Jam. She writes about downtown (the RFC, Tipitina's Co-op), about Bossier (casinos), about music (from Professor Porkchop to the symphony) and restaurants (Monjuni's, Tacomania, etc).

She has the insight of both a philosopher and a goddess. And she writes short stuff, undertsanding the needs of blog readers.

Usher is a capable and soulful artist. She has made a hit selling her Bottle trees. My favorite of her art forms is assemblages composed of detritus from streets such as Dalzell and Creswell (see her work at Artspace currently). Soon she will revive her seasonal tourist business, Tours de Shreveport, aka Spirit Tours. She's betting on downtown, wagering on tourism and becoming an entertainer.

Best of all, she supports my blogging like someone in a short, pleated skirt. And I feel the same way about her and the powerful currents under her Red River Blog Jam.

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Kathryn Usher said...

Right now while watching "Fido" I'm whipping up a short pleated skirt (made from materials found on the streets of Highland) and will wear it (with leggings of course) at some event where we are bound to meet.

You rock, Mr. Trudeau!