Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SRAC Artist Fellowships seek distinguished practitioners via no nonsense applications and professional jurors; deadline Mon, May 19, 4 pm

Ft Worth Modern
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The SRAC artist fellowships are designed to recognize artistic excellence, says Pam Atchison: " It is the intent of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council to acknowledge distinguished fellows of the highest caliber in each discipline of the arts."

The deadline for applications is Mon, May 19, 2008, 4 pm.

The prize of $2500 favors those who both have their artwork and paperwork well tended. See both a document and guidelines - SRAC is serious about each stipulation - online at www.shrevearts.org.

Professional jurors, recommended by the SRAC Juried Artists’ Roster, make the selections. Jurors have the option not to award a fellowship in a category.

The disciplines include the following:
- Dance: Performance or Choreography
- Literature: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry
- Music: Vocal Performance, Instrumental Performance, Composition
- Theatre: Playwriting, Acting, Directing
- Visual Arts: Please refer to the application for a full list.
- Multi-Disciplinary: Using more than one arts discipline in non-traditional ways or to create a new work.

Assistance in the apllication: Vickie Marshall, Community Development Director of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at (318) 673-6500 or email cdc@shrevearts.org.

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