Monday, April 14, 2008 the update has arrived - in beta state - and is colorful and multi-faceted

Alex Kent, Shreveport
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As a beta tester for the I'm early to a sort of citywide myspace. The Times redesign has brought color and clarity to the site. It represents a considerable step forward for the community.

Though I have a new blog at the Times site, I'm not ditching my blogger sites; I hope the Times site is a new hub that will lead people to Shreveport Blog. It takes little extra time to post there and gives me options for material that might not fit ShreveportBlog or ShreveportFaces.

Alexandyr Kent is the manager for the Pluck software that will make the Times online a multi-use site. He says the site runs a bit slow at the moment (I haven't noticed it). He's looking forward to fielding suggestions and reports of glitches from new participants.

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