Friday, April 18, 2008

Students meet and compete in Music Memory program via the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra

The Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Music Memory finals were held this week at the University Center LSU-S, says Susan Rogers. The host was Adam Giblin; the sponsor was Capital One.

Overall 1st place winner was Apollo Elem., Bossier City., under teacher Raynelle Stanage. Team members, as listed in the Capital One program: Catherine Clayton, Madison Rowland, Alana Scott, Madison Timms, Joey Walker, Mario Zadra. Alternates: Gabby Eaves, Farrell Dule Austin Phillips, Jordan Womack.

The Music Memory competition teaches students to identify, spell and punctuate ten music selections from the classical, jazz and Broadway genres using a tool called music maps. Music Memory is held in the form of a competition where third, fourth and fifth grade students compete first with one another in their own schools and then with other schools for a chance to participate in the final round of competition.

“We’re excited because the kids are excited” said Shreveport Symphony Music Director Michael Butterman. “This process really teaches them how to listen—to hear and appreciate the details of what makes a piece work. By the time of the concert, the young people have really internalized this music and know it backward and forward. It’s an inspiration to all of us!”

Music selected for this season’s competition included Mozart, Gershwin, Rogers, Desmond and Debussy.

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Anonymous said...

Overall 1st place winner in the Third-Grade Division was Eden Gardens Magnet, Shreveport, under teacher Tracy Phillips. Team members were McKenzie Corley, Landon Guerrero, James Hagan, Nathan Lim, Rayleigh Philyaw, Zoie Swint, and alternates McKenna Reed and Nathan Washam.

Individual winners in the Third-Grade Div. were also from Eden Gardens Magnet. James Hagan, 1st Place; Nathan Lim, 2nd Place and Zoie Swint, 3rd Place.

Eden Gardens Magnet also placed second in the Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Div.