Thursday, April 17, 2008

Caddo Talented Arts Drama Program presents pioneer play at Caddo Magnet HS Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm, April 18 & 18

Young thespians develop early; Caddo's Talented Arts Drama program tries to address those needs, says Rhonda Glass.

Students from Caddo Magnet High and Caddo Magnet Middle are joined by actresses from Captain Shreve and North Caddo in a pioneer story, Quilters.
Cast: Malyn Hensley, Lauren Gieseke, Jordan Alex Adams, Presley Opbroek, Helen Marrs, Isabella Hicks, Samantha Austin, Maddie menefee, Sarah Lewis, Karlie Rowley, Alliosn Gras. Student director, Maddie menefee; make-up, Katie Cook. In the lobby visitors will find a display of quilts loaned to directors Denise Dion and Shawn Dion.

Quilters: Ap 17, 18, 7:30 pm
Music by Lisa Daye. Set construction by Dave Rowley.
$5 at the door.

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Anonymous said...

Caught just a moment of the play on Wednesday night - was getting some footage for KTAL. What I saw was enjoyable. And the quilts in the lobby were great too - a lot nicer than some store-bought comforter!