Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bike movement grows in Shreveport via Centenary College and Regions Bank, says Jon Schleuss

Writes Jon Schleuss via his blog:

Biking efforts in Shreveport are taking off and Centenary College is a part of that. On Wednesday, Regions Bank donated eight green bicycles to Centenary, furthering sustainable transportation efforts on campus.

The idea originated from Bill Anderson, Chairman of Centenary's Board of Trustees. Anderson talked to Keith Crissman, of Regions, about his idea to bring bikes to Centenary. This fit perfectly with Regions' new marketing campaign and mission to the community, "to make life better for associates, customers, and communities." Regions Bank has donated "life green" bikes elsewhere, Birmingham-Southern College and Baton Rouge's YMCA are two recent examples.

At Centenary, the bikes will be located near the Student Union Building. Interested students, faculty, and staff can turn in their Centenary IDs to check out a bike. They'll be given a key to unlock the bike, along with a bright green helmet. Interested bikers will check-out bikes to travel off campus, most likely.

This has coincided perfectly with the new bike racks DPS installed this past week, funded by the Centenary Muses.

For more information, contact Lori Bradshaw, Student Life, or Jeanne Hamming, Centenary Environmental Association.


trudeau said...

And yet, in our neighborhood, we cannot bank by bike at Regions. It's a safety issue for bicyclists, explained a teller. Fair enough, if deliciously ironic.

Schleuss said...

I just hope they're maintained. At least they're used. We rode down Dalzell and I saw two using them to get to Columbia park aujour'hui!