Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poi performance by Sarah McDonald, Torontoan, in a Columbia Park spinjam on Sun, Ap 20, after dusk

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Poi, not the Hawaiian mashed taro but the fashionable form of juggling performance, has spread among the hipper climes. Fire poi, says, is considered the ultimate form of the sport. Poi migrated from Maori culture into the global culture. And Sarah McDonald recently migrated from Toronto to Shreveport, and has brought a background in poi. She will perform fire poi - as Little D - Sunday night in Columbia Park.

McDonald wants to see a spinjam evolve: an evening of informal performances, potluck supper, art hung on clothelines. She hopes that it will grow under the full moon into a monthly event.

Tim Marshall, an excellent songwriter and performer who does a regular at nearby Columbia Cafe, will sing. Matthew Linn, Caddo Commissioner, will have the event under his wing. There may be bellydance performances, impromptu painting (McDonald's step-mom is yoga-art teacher Pam Viviano), and a drum circle.

Says McDonald, "I've been talking to people here about 2 months. A lot of them are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this informal event."

5 pm to 9ish

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Crazy In Shreveport said...

Fun stuff. And Sarah wants to do it every month.

Come out and have a blast like we did last night. Bring a blanket or chair because I still have stickers in my bottom from sitting on the naked grass...