Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Red River Radio doing the late winter fund raiser across the hill country of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas

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Red River Radio's Spring membership campaign is under way, says Wendy Bryant. She reminds the faithful as well as the yet-to-be-baptized, "Call now or pledge online to support your public radio station."

"As a bonus, if you pledge online, you will be entered into a national drawing for a trip to the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, the Monterey Jazz Festival in California or the Santa Fe Opera Festival in New Mexico," she added.

Can I imagine a life without public radio? Yes. I lived here for a while before the birth of KDAQ.

Media life was stultifying. The overall tenor of existence was like being deep in the piney woods in a penitentiary, surrounded by illiterate guards whose knowledge of the world came primarily from gossip. Life was exquisitely insipid.

Either pledge or give blood, I say.
That's at 800-552-8502


Tony said...

Thank you Robert, for this blog entry.

I listen to KDAQ, and like most listeners, cringe whenever I hear the fundraisers begin. That's why, when I woke up this morning, came into my home office for my daily morning dose of Trudeauisms, and read your words, it hit particularly hard, and well-aimed. Very apropos. You always make me think, my friend. That's quite an accomplishment.

So I thought:

If we are to build and foster a real community here, one of friends and family, an actual Ark-La-Tex in every sense of the term, then our work begins with communication. We have to get the word out. To bring others to us, we have to go toward them. We must have powerful means to reach across the hill country, the rivers and highways, to let everyone know we've made the effort to contact them. We're here and we want them to join us in our extended group of family and friends.

There are precious few people who want to take part in their community (any given community), and those who do are forced to work late hours, with few resources, making personal sacrifices to earn modest headway toward a brighter future. People like you and the staff of Red River Radio do what most of us wouldn't, couldn't or shouldn't. For that you deserve accolades at the very least, and when a little money could help out, money at the very least. You also caught me on payday, and that never hurts.

The only real outlets for the word of the enlightened are blogs like this (Blogs Like This would be a good name for a band, huh?), and the media. Well, not the usual media. You know what I mean. I'm not going to get into media reform this morning, but let's just say the people who try to speak for the community had better look out for the hobnailed boot of stupidity, snugly fitted to the foot of the idiot, mass media. Clear Channel would take them out in a heartbeat.

Money from listeners is one of the only things keeping the juggernaut, Clear Channel, at bay.

So I'll find some money, somehow. I'm just a cash-poor artist. I don't have much to give, but I do listen all the time, and I'll give something.

Thanks again, Robert. It helps to hear from someone outside the radio that we should help them. They're a big part of life in our region, and when they have to ask fr donations, it sounds like begging. When you remind us, it sounds like good, straightforwad wisdom.

Alway a faithful reader,

Tony Reans

Kevan Smith said...

Pledge or give blood?

That's a false dichotomy.