Sunday, February 25, 2007

Young Shreveporter wins Oscar in Documentaries slash Noise Rock: Alec Holland of Cooper Manor House concerts

Alec Holland / Dale Cooper
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As citizens of a town inundated by the movie business I don't think there will be any shock if I hand out one of the Academy Awards. This Oscar is in the Documentary category. They chose me to award this one, I think, because I had a few entries in the category Short & Rough Documentaries myself.

Anyway, the awardee is Alec Holland. His oeuvre is wide angle videos of noise rock bands. He won because his videos sling an equivalent energy to the cole slaw jalapenos being documented.

Holland won the Academy's accolade following his piece on a recent appearance by a confabulation from Atlanta called Divided Like A Saint's.

The movie opens with a very Academy Awards drone and atonal mystery but soon reveals much of these hard-working show biz people doing their rhythmic jack. Shadows from the DIY lighting are big and stanky. The ceiling fan mesmerizes; a very skinny person adeptly elbows a fiddle. It ends with a tribute to, simultaneously, the Beatles and Captain Beefheart.

The Academy also cited Holland's work with the cooperized Japanese band Green Milk from the Planet Orange.

Said fellow-nominee Greg Kinnear: "Holland is capturing the essence of rock music in these videos. Few compromises. It's way beyond the rendered walls of our existential big house."

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