Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jesse Winchester at LSUS Theater Fri, Feb 2, 7:30 pm; Buddy Flett opens

jesse winchester / gary mattingly
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Jesse Winchester is a classic folkie and successful songwriter. His performing style is very much like Lyle Lovett, says concert producer Johnny Palazotto. Winchester is swinging through Shreveport with a gut-string guitar on his knee.

Buddy Flett is a classic bluesieand songwriter. Now that he's on the cd/dvd Ten days Out, with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, will things ever be the same?

LSUS Theater
Fri, Feb 2; 7:30 pm
$20 at the door


Last seen at the Music Office Co-Op/ Shreveport said...

It's about damn time some good stuff has started to break loose for Buddy...In my opinion (I'm sure I share this with many) he's one of the best, and a hell of a nice guy!!
By the way, I've seen "Ten Days Out" and it is a must see for any serious fan of the blues...everything about it is top notch...and Buddy's sections are great, as well....You can even catch some tasty Joe Nadeau and Jimmy Wallace moments in there.

Monty Brown said...

I hate it that Marsha and I are missing Jesse Winchester, but we're doing a show in St. Louis on Feb. 2nd. We last saw Jesse at Enoch's Pub in the late '80's and it was a treat. We still going around singing that song about "living on a big round ball." And "The Brand New Tennessee Waltz" was an inspiration to me when I first started songwriting in the mid-70's. Monty Brown.

Kevan said...

Hmmm... I just read this. Buddy is awesome, a distinct pleasure to hear any time he picks up a guitar. I also admire how he takes time to teach kids about the blues.

But on another subject -- guitars don't have gut strings any more. Classical-style guitars like Jesse's in the picture are stung with nylon and wound nylon. The sound is louder and the tone cleaner than gut.

And thanks, Robert, for calling tonight. I was preoccupied pushing buttons, but your comments were very encouraging.