Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting Upon the Same Page: Arts Congress II Sat, Feb 24, LSUS, 8:30 amto 1 pm

Among the issues to be discussed at Arts Planning Retreat II
Sat, Feb 24
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Bronson Hall, LSUS Campus:

* Create a region-wide Map of Arts Resources and Facilities
* Create an Arts List Serve and Chat Room
* Share e-mails to create a master e-mail list for quick dissemination of information.
* Create a Central Website, Calendar and Box Office
* Create a new Performing Arts High School - on the order of the New Orleans Creative Arts Academy, and increase the expectations of the arts instruction in public schools.

* Maintain an active advocacy relationship with the City Council by
attending meetings and speaking about Arts Opportunities; sharing ways to integrate the Arts into City-wide decision making.
* Produce an annual Arts Meet and Greet for the community to meet Artists, Arts Stakeholders, Producers, Presenters, and Educators: An Annual "Open House" event.

* Host Arts Mixers for artists and representatives of arts organizations
to get to know one another.
* Identify a space where artists and arts administrators can gather to
share ideas on a consistent basis; with shared "business" resources.
* Develop Workshops to teach Artists how to more effectively document their work and create successful samples of work.

Bruce Allen, Pam Atchison, Major Brock, Carlos Colon, Jameelah El Amin, Angelique Feaster, Richard Folmer, Gloria Gipson, John Grindley, Paula Hickman, Neil Johnson, Janice Nelson, Danielle Reans and a host of others want to hear from you.

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