Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Movie Casting Process: multimedia show by Hollywood insider Gary Marsh at LSUS, Tue, Mar 6, 6 pm

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Breakdown Services and the Movie Casting Process is a multimedia presentation by Gary Marsh, founder and president of Breakdown Services, says Robert Alford.

Breakdown Services, Ltd. is one of the communications network and casting systems that provide the means to reach talent agents as well as actors when casting a project.

Breakdowns are complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts. Approximately 30 television and feature film Breakdowns are sent out every day in real-time through the website

Talent Representatives are able to instantly view the Breakdowns and submit their clients’ pictures, resume and videos via their website to casting directors. These projects include feature films, movies for television, episodics, pilots, commercials, print projects, theater, student films, industrials, reality tv, and many other types of projects that require acting talent.

Actors view projects via and submit a picture, resume and video to casting directors.

Breakdown Services provides actors with script pages for audition purposes, a discussion board, an online forum and other actor related resources through

Gary Marsh will describe the online casting process from the time a casting Breakdown is released to agents.

The presentation will look at actual projects and submissions made on these projects.

In addition the presentation will include how student film makers can use the associated free Actors Access service and how to submit projects to both talent agents and actors in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida and receive submissions online.

More info, or to reserve a space: Robert Alford at (318) 797-5283 or 207-1506.

LSUS University Center ~ Webster Room
Tue, Mar 6, from 6 to 7 pm
Free and Open to the General Public.

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