Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Celebration of Bob Marley at Ron Hardy's H&H Performing Arts Center, 717 Hope St, Sat, Feb 24, noon to 10 pm

Final 9feb07 BobMarley Flyer
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"Live music, reggae videos, Rasta philosophy discussion, a one heart~one love drum circle for world peace, Ital food by Gordon, fresh-squeezed juices, coffee, tea, conscience vibes, good people and much more," is what musician-community leader Ron Hardy promises on Sat, Feb 24.

The H&H is a sort of comunity center / lounge on Hope St. that Hardy told me he inherted from his late uncle and dad. Hardy helped operate it as a bar for several years, but his purpose has changed. His dream is revitalize the Hope St / Milam St. (the H&H is adjacent to the site of the defunct Pete Harris Cafe) area. There are lots of empty lots and a few historic houses and some renovated shotgun houses. Hardy believes that an arts community could be assembled here based on cheap but stylish housing and proximity to downtown.

If you care about urban planning and the city's future, check out the H&H and Hardy's plans. Across the street from the H&H is the center for Playaz & Playettes Inc, his award-winning outreach and education center.

Save visits to Pete harris cafe, it's a part of Shreveport traditionally shunned by the middle class. But neighborhoods change. When was the last time you went to Allendale and checked out the housing and community?

717 Hope St.

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Kevan said...

Wouldn't it be great if The Killer Bees were still all alive and could play this? That was one kick-ass band.