Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hunter Thompson celebration at West Edge Books on Tues, Feb 27, 7 pm; Michael Parker, host

Michael Parker, who established the Thursday morning Culture Jam Dining Society, is whacking away with his machete, trying to make Shreveport into an urban outpost. Parker is "dedicated to dialogue and dissemination of ideas among the cultural evolutionaries of our area." Seeing his goals in print is not enough. Go, find him, and chat.

Swaggering Hunter S Thompson, the Hugh Hefner of my anti-Playboy generation, seems a good basis for for comedic evolution. Parker offers a Thompson reading on Tues, Feb 27, at 7 pm. The West Edge Books & News is Parker's shop and the site of the Thompson celebration. That's 725 Milam.

The speakers he draws for the Thursday Culture Jams are presented at Stone's Throw Cafe, Jordan St. He says, "Please contact Michael Parker at 227-7685 or for further information, or to suggest future speakers."

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