Thursday, February 22, 2007

KDAQ / Red River Radio: the only digital radio broadcast outside of New Orleans, says Poling

Kermit Poling
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"Red River Radio is becoming the first Digital Radio broadcaster in Louisiana north of New Orleans" says station director Kermit Poling. "Digital radio brings CD quality audio to FM radio. It will also, ultimately, provide additional channels of audio that will carry alternate programming, such as a 24-hour news channel and a 24-hour music channel, for those radios capable of receiving "multi-casting."

"Supplemental and emergency information will also be able to be sent to radios to display as text, similar to what you may already have if you subscibe to satellite radio," added Poling.

You may begin shopping for digital radios. The good news is that they're no longer very expensive.

Says Poling, who loves a good tech toy himself, "Your conventional "analog" radio will still receive the analog signal from KDAQ. But if you're interested in this new digital technology, we will work with local retailers to make sure radios are available. We will also offer some radios through our Web site. Many of the major manufacturers have digital radios for home, office and cars at a variety of levels. Please watch this Web site for future details about the Digital Radio kickoff at Red River Radio."

The splashy announcement of digital broadcasting will take place in March at LSUS.

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Kevan Smith said...

The network is close to implosion. I doubt they will make their pledge goal this spring, as they haven't the past two pledge drives. They'll come closer, though. The new transmitter is a great one-time gift, but it's a band aid over major arterial wounds.

Kermit should quit his other gigs and focus full time on rebuilding Red River Radio. I think he's capable, but right now he's spread too thin. And what will he do about conflict of interest in fund raising for multiple non-profits? I've heard that he's already declined to ask one organization for RRR funding because he asked them for South Arkansas Symphony funding beforehand. I could be wrong on that, though.